A Coincidence?

First off, an apology: I’ve been remiss with writing. Friends will be thinking ‘typical Lavinia…makes promises, but seldom delivers’. Guilty as charged, but I’ve been flat out with The Escapist. And while humble pie is on the menu: a big sorry and even bigger thank you to Alfie – you’re such a darling. I’m so grateful to everyone who’s recently visited my tiny corner of South London. Thank you and keep spreading the word!

Introducing Lavinia

Like countless others, ever since I moved to London I have been obsessed with the city. On the surface, to some, it can be a noisy, smelly, scary place. To others it can be a vibrant hub of interest and intrigue that opens up escapes to new vistas you can explore. It can also cripple those who cannot adjust to its pace. However, under the surface there are ways to escape the usual humdrum existence many who live here choose to accept. During my time at Goldsmiths Uni in the south-east of London I witnessed these different groups of people come and go.