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The Next Level of Escape Room

Our Brand New Escape Room Concept in Bermondsey, Central London

Our new game is an exciting new twist on escape rooms from one of London’s most highly rated Escape Room producers.  Modern Fables is known for creating some of the best escape rooms London.

Just like standard escape rooms The Guild has interesting puzzles and lots of excitement!

At our previous venue we were known for creating original and engaging escape rooms with a twist.

Now, we are building on our reputation as one of the most innovative escape room venues in London!

The Guild is our new multi-team escape room experience that effortlessly blends escape room puzzles with immersive theatre. Each games lasts 80 – 90 minutes (standard escape rooms last 60 minutes).

Each game of The Guild hosts your team alongside up to 5 other teams who all fight to gain favour with The Esteemed Host, a character played by one of our talented Games Masters.

Unlike other London escape rooms you can order food and drink to have while you play.

The Guild is a blend of traditional escape room puzzles with elements taken from the pub quiz scene, immersive theatre and our previous award-winning games. 

What is The Guild?

Our new escape game experience The Guild is a rare opportunity to join a secret society with a mysterious past.

Years ago, The Guild came to a mysterious end when its HQ in Bermondsey burned down. Reports say the flames burned white hot. Which is odd, as the surrounding buildings were untouched…

You will arrive at our Bermondsey location with your group of 2 – 6 people.   In our new multi-team format each team will have its own table and puzzles.  It’ll up to you how much you collaborate with the other teams!

Our character will introduce you to The Guild and also be there to guide you. You and your team will solve escape room puzzles as the story progresses. The experience will go through twists and turns, and come to a final conclusion which will leave you with an insight into how the world really works…

Our immersive escape room experience is open every Saturday from 12pm to 9pm.  However,  do  get in touch if you’d like to book an event on a different day. Unlike most other London Escape Rooms you’ll also be welcome to stay in the venue for more drinks if you wish!

Enjoy the menu below, before, during and after your escape room experience.

We've tried it all and it's luscious!

Food and Drink Menu for The Guild Immersive Escape Room Event


2 - 36 Players*

*In groups of 2 – 6 people per 90 minute game with our new multi-team escape game experience The Guild

Reviews and Awards

Modern Fables Escape Rooms, London Awards

Some of the Best Escape Rooms in London

Welcome to our escape room experience in Bermondsey, London. We’re centrally located at the trendy Biscuit Factory just 5 mins walk from Bermondsey Tube, one stop from London Bridge. We are known to have created some of the best escape room in London and we are also among the most reasonably priced at £26.50 per person.

We are serious about originality so we make all our games ourselves. To stay original we add unique elements to every game that you won’t find elsewhere – including custom scents to set the scene! We also pride ourselves on our independence, not being part of an international chain.

We know that every visit to our escape game is special so we do our best to make sure you feel that from the time you enter our experience to the time you leave.

We also prize narrative in our escape room experiences as we believe immersive theatrical experience adds so much to the excitement.

If you don’t want to take public transport to our escape game, we have a paid carpark.

Difficulty level of our escape room Experience

The Guild is a bit different to other escape rooms. Our Games Master will look after your game and work hard to react to your team during play. This will make sure your experience is tricky enough to be challenging without being frustrating! So, even if this is your first escape room have no fear!  And escape room enthusiast will also find tricky puzzles!


With our roots in London, we are a proudly independent company. With the help of talented artists, we design and create our games in-house. The result is originality rarely seen in escape rooms, even in London.

We set ourselves apart from other escape rooms by creating vivid stories that will excite you right from the very beginning. You’ll meet odd characters who set the scene, immersing you in a story that feels like an adventure – not just a set of puzzles. By the way, our characters will never make you feel uncomfortable or force you to sing and dance! Unless you want to of course…

Please note that after the covid pandemic we retired our escape rooms: The Escapist, Hypersomnia and The Oracles.

After Your Game at Our Escape Rooms


Our nearest station, Bermondsey, is just one stop from London Bridge from the west and Canada Water to the east – both with great venues to visit after yoru time with us

We’re located on the famous Bermondsey Beer Mile, which runs from London Bridge to South Bermondsey. This is a stretch of craft beer breweries that open their doors every Saturday. Alternatively, you can stop off at a traditional London Bridge pub, just one tube stop away.

If the weather is nice, you can also stop off at nearby Southwark Park, just a few minutes walk away. Alternatively, nd the hidden gem that is Bermondsey Beach on the Thames, with views of The City and Tower Bridge.

So, there you have it! One of the most exciting locations in London with an atmosphere to match, you’ll be spoilt for choice before or after your time with us.


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