Visit England have certified Modern Fables are at the COVID19 Industry Standard for safety.


We take your health, as well as the health of our staff very seriously indeed.  To make sure you can visit us safely, we have implemented some new policies.  We also need to ask you to keep to general government guidelines while with us to you keep safe, as well as other visitors and our staff.  See Government information or contact us if you are unsure of the current guidelines.

Even as restrictions lift we still make sure to follow safe Covid19 practices

Please wash your hands before you enter the venue.  Toilets are located next to our entrance.

Please dont bring any more items onsite than you have to.  We have coat racks specific to your group but minimal extra storage space.

Please maintain good hygene while you visit us.

If any of your group or their household has started to show symptoms of COVID19 please wait until they have been given the all-clear before booking.

If you have already booked and any of your group or their household have started to show symptoms of COVID19 please get in touch for refund and rescheduling options.

Take a look at what we’re doing below.

Now, we’re good to go!   

If any of your team or their household has started to show symptoms of COVID19, contact us and we’ll move your booking for you.

If you’ve had an emergency, or any of your group or their household start to show symptoms of COVID19and need to cancel your booking, dont hesitate to get in touch.

Only you and the people you book for will be present during your game with us.

Our bookings are spaced out in a way that means you wont meet any other teams while onsite.

We have a secure car park right outside the building if you dont want to use public transport.

There is a large Santander bike port on Ada Street, right next to our venue.  Just park up and walk around the building to Andrews Road to gain access.

We’ve lowered the number of bookings and spaced them out so we have enough time to clean the game spaces for each group.

We have a large supply of gloves and masks onsite for you to use.

We have a large supply of hand sanitiser for you to use before you enter our games as well as for when you leave the building.

We keep a daily check on the health of our staff. If anyone presents any sign of infection, they’ll stay at home and get tested.

What if you need to cancel your booking?

Please call us on 07793762577 if you need to reschedule or cancel your booking.