An Evening of Immersive Mystery


The Cat + Mutton Pub, Hackney, London


Monday 28th October 2019

Free Drink Included!*

*Any beer, house wine or house spirit & mixer.

Have you ever wondered what the walls would say if they could really speak?  The lives of countless individuals, families and lovers have played out within the secret confines of four walls over the centuries.  So many hidden conversations about so many things that range from the mundane to the downright odd.

What if you had a way of listening to these voices from across time?  Do you think you could uncover the secret?  Would you dare?

The Remarkable Radmow has this ability - and he has been listening in.  Join him to find out what he has been hearing.  Can you put together the pieces of a conversational puzzle that have stayed silent for centuries?

The Remarkable Radmow invites you to an evening of eerie Halloween mystery at the Cat & Mutton pub on Broadway Market, Hackney on Monday 28th October 2019 at 7.30pm.

A free drink* is included in your ticket price.


For one night only, join Radmow to listen in on the past and piece together its mystery.


Tickets are £25 per person and you can play in groups of 2 or more.

There are only a limited number of tickets - make sure you book soon so you don't miss out!

Book tickets for your team and join Radmow at the Cat & Mutton.  He will lead your experience and divulge the contents of conversation he has learned from the spirit world.  It will then be up to you and your team to make sense of these ghostly fragments and help Radmow discover what really went on all that time ago.  Teams can be of any size but we recommend 3 - 5 people.



*A beer, house wine or house spirit & mixer. Tokens will be provided on the evening.

Please note that the experiences involves reading written English.  The event takes place on the first floor and therefore has limited access.