Experience Design from Jay Harris at Modern Fables

Modern Fables has created an award-winning escape room game based in South Bermondsey, London. To immerse yourself in a Modern Fables environment is to step right inside a story – an intriguing mystery like no other.

Jay Harris is the driving force behind Modern Fables. He’s worked as a freelancer creating immersive audio and creative interactives for museums and children’s theatre. Previous clients include the National Trust, architects Studio Weave, Heritage Eastbourne and The Clink Prison Museum. Jay always prides himself on his professionalism, integrity and creativity and now he’s brought these qualities to the escape room industry with critical acclaim. He’s built a brand with heart and soul (and a big ol’ brain bursting with ideas!).


Experience Design by the award-winning Modern Fables teamCombining the business-to-business experience and the business-to-consumer success of Modern Fables, Jay brings a new, invigorated approach to creating experiences intended to engage the public and hold their attention.

Maybe you’re after a bespoke escape game? Maybe something theatrical? Perhaps you’d like to create an interactive space that educates? Modern Fables will look at any type of experience and create something unique just for you.

If you’re looking for a cutting-edge, innovative way to engage with your public, Jay and his team would love to hear from you.




Experience design for marketing events and museums by Modern Fables Immersive Experiences for weddings, marketing events and museums Let Modern Fables create unique immersive experiences for your events

If you would like to know more about how Modern Fables can create an experience for your marketing event, museum, wedding or any other interactive space, contact us below.



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