Family Escape Rooms London

What is an escape room and are there any family escape rooms in London?

An escape room is a game where you and your team get ‘locked’ in a room for an hour and you have to solve puzzles to escape! A good escape room will have a mix of puzzles. At Modern Fables we like to include physical puzzles, various logic puzzles, image puzzles, search/find puzzles, cooperative puzzles, riddles and much more!  All of our puzzles are solvable by using only the information given in the game.  You wont need to know any complex maths beyond basic arithmetic and those puzzles will never feel like a maths exam!

There are a number of family escape rooms in London. However, these are usually adult games with elements that are achievable for children. Children’s theatre company ‘Tea Dance For Little People’ helped us ensure our escape rooms are suitable for groups of children. ‘Tea Dance For Little People’ have been working in children’s interactive theatre for over ten years.

In our family escape rooms, we have included a few extras to help children follow the game. If a children’s party is ordered we even have a new script for the character you meet at the beginning.

Modern Fables escape rooms are located in Hackney, east London. We are located by Broadway market and the Regents Canal. London Fields is also a few minutes walk away with plenty of room for picnics. We have a free onsite car park and are close to the following stations: London Fields, Cambridge Heath, Haggerston, and Bethnal Green. Busses also serve nearby roads very well.

So, what do you need to know before you book a family escape room in London?

What age are escape rooms good for?

Family escape rooms in London tend to be suitable for ages 8+. At Modern Fables, we have adapted two of our games to be suitable for children aged 8 and over. We just ask that at least one adult accompanies the group. You’ll also be backed up by a Games Master who looks after your experience. The Games Master will be listening and watching your team over the cameras and will give you clues when needed. In our children’s games, your Games Master will be more closely involved than in adult games.

In any case, our Games Masters have the same high standards for adult teams, family teams and kids teams!

We have adapted Hypersomnia and The Oracles to be family escape rooms. Hypersomnia is an exciting sci-fi adventure and The Oracles is a fun investigation into dreams and ancient aliens.

How long does a family escape room last?

Like adult escape games, family escape rooms tend to last an hour. In some cases, your team will be cut off after an hour but at Modern Fables we try to allow a bit of extra time if needed. This isn’t always possible but gets more likely if the group arrives on time and follows clues given by the Games Master. Fun is our main aim and losing isn’t as fun as winning!

Are family escape rooms difficult?

All families and the escape rooms they play are different. This can make choosing a game based on difficulty level very hard! What might be easy for one group of children may be far too hard for others. This doesn’t mean one group is more intelligent than the other of course, it’s all down to experience!

At Modern Fables, our Games Masters do their best to help all teams maximise their fun and we are skilled at sensing what help your group needs. With our family escape rooms, a Games Master may come into your game as a character to help coax things along. They will do their best to help the group come to the correct answers themselves rather than do it all for them!

Are escape rooms really locked?

At Modern Fables, the entry door into any game is never locked so players can leave whenever they want. To allow us to get spaces ready for other teams, any second room in the games are locked. This is done with magnetic locks that open in the unlikely event of a power cut.

Your Games Master is also watching and listening to your family’s team very closely and you will have 100% of their attention. All you need to do is ask if a young team member is desperate to use the toilet for example!

What happens if you fail a family escape room?

As mentioned above, we try to get our teams to finish in a way that doesn’t intrude on their fun. And of course this includes are family groups as well as children’s groups.  This means making sure clues don’t make the game too easy or too hard!

If your team doesn’t manage to make it out in time, the Games Master will still meet you with a giant smile! If there’s time they’ll be able to tell you where you went wrong and give you pointers for your next escape room.

Are your family escape rooms claustrophobic?

Our family escape rooms don’t contain any small spaces players are forced to enter. The Oracles has one small space but you are never locked in. Eventually, this small space turns into an area players have to walk through to progress.

If any member of your group is claustrophobic but would still like to take part in an escape room experience, just let us know beforehand. We can keep all entrances and exits open for you. The Games Master can tell you when it’s ok to open a door.  We can also help claustrophobic players feel more at ease during the introduction.

These are the main questions people ask us when they enquire about family escape rooms in London. At Modern Fables we also offer special party packages so get in touch if you’d like to learn more!