Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to common questions below...

Can I bring extra players along on the day?

You are welcome to bring extra players!  All you need to do is pay the extra on the day.  Please remember the game is designed for 2 – 6 people and more than this may impact your experience.

Is the venue hard to find?

Nope! We have a full listing on Google Maps and the booking confirmation email includes some very detailed directions indeed! 

Is there parking?

Yep! There’s free on-street parking and also a small onsite carpark. Get in touch for details.

Is it scary?

Our escape room is highly atmospheric with just the right level of spookiness. Eerie? Yes. Scary? No. There are zero monsters lurking in the shadows, and no-one will jump out on you. Scouts honour. 

Will we be joined by other players during our game?

Nope! Your booking is exclusive to your team. That way you can spend some quality time with your nearest and dearest.

How difficult is this Escape Game?

The Escapist by Modern Fables is designed to be played by 2 – 6 adults within 60 minutes, with a difficulty rating of Medium. None of our puzzles require factual knowledge from outside the game, so don’t worry if you’ve never got beyond the pop questions in a pub quiz…or if you flunked your degree in astrophysics. You’ll probably discover skills you never knew you had! Be as competitive as you like but remember, it’s just a game. You won’t be ‘locked in’ if you take longer than the allotted hour. We reckon there’s something for everyone here. A word to any lone wolves who don’t like sharing: the more you collaborate with your team-members, the more successful you’ll be. Howwwwllll!

Is there an age restriction or recommendation for playing Escape Games?

Children under the age of 18 must be accompanied by an adult. For some of the trickier puzzles, younger players might need the occasional prompt from an adult. Or vice versa. We’ve had some very brainy teens in here!

Does the Escape Room have refreshment facilities?

There are no refreshment facilities onsite as Lavinia has been neglecting the bar for a while now – and this is why Alfie needs your help! Ask him about the great local restaurants and pubs in nearby New Cross, Deptford, and Peckham.

Who can play this escape game?

Families, friends and colleagues all love The Escapist by Modern Fables. We’ve hosted small corporate groups for team-building, and hen / stag parties too. 

Is there a toilet onsite?


What is an Escape Room or Escape Game?

Escape rooms (aka escape games) are a group activity that test your problem-solving skills, patience and…er, relationships! By interacting with your team-mates and the props in your environment, you’ll solve a series of puzzles – each one telling part of an intriguing storyline, that will hopefully give you enough clues to escape!
Still unsure? Watch an episode of The Crystal Maze! 

Do we have to wear special costumes to play the game?

No, but we won’t turn you away if you rock up as Gandalf the Grey in a mankini! (It’ll certainly make us chuckle.) Just wear sensible clothing that allows you to immerse yourself in the activities. No need for a sports kit but 12″ heels may restrict you…

Will we be safe during the game?

A games master will be monitoring you and they’ll make sure you’re safe. You can ask for help and additional clues at any time during the game and can leave the room whenever you want (for an emergency wee, for instance!). Our escape room requires brain not brawn, so use your common sense when handling the props.

Where is The Escapist by Modern Fables located?

The Escapist, Lavinia’s fabled bar, is located in Guild House, Rollins Street, London SE15 1EP. We’re close to South Bermondsey station, just one stop from London Bridge. It’s also possible to walk from Surrey Quays or Queens Road Peckham stations.  We can’t accept walk-in customers, so please book online before visiting us.

What if I am late or need to cancel?

This is a live event game, so it’s vital that you arrive 10 minutes before your booking to ensure you’re not late. Those who arrive late will not be admitted, as it may spoil the experience for others. Unfortunately, we can’t accept refunds or cancellations.

Is the Escape Room wheelchair accessible?

At this stage we’re afraid the game is unsuitable for those who use a wheelchair to get around. If you’re not good with steps in a confined space you may also find things tricky. Please do contact us if you have any worries about accessibility.

Can I take photos or film inside the Escape Room?

No photography or filming is allowed during the game. Alfie will go nuts if he catches you. Besides, you don’t want to waste time with selfies while the clock is ticking…

Is there anything else I should worry about?

The game contains flashing lights, dim lighting and the briefest moment in a fairly confined space.  Give us a shout if you have any worries before booking.