Second Floor, Regent Studios, 8 Andrews Road, Hackney, London, E8 4QN

TUBE: Bermondsey.

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Modern Fables Escape Rooms in East London

THE ESCAPIST Our Original Award-winning Escape Room
THE ESCAPIST Investigate a Mysterious Cult
THE ESCAPIST Inspired by the work of HP Lovecraft
HYPERSOMNIA Discover Your True Identity
HYPERSOMNIA Transdimensional Sabotage
HYPERSOMNIA Trapped in a Parallel Universe
THE ORACLES Ancient Aliens and Conspiracy Theory
THE ORACLES Mysteries of The Past Uncovered
THE ORACLES Strange Signals From Outer Space

About Modern Fables Escape Rooms in London:

Modern Fables is proudly independent.  We create our experiences in-house with the aid of talented theatrical artists to bring you originality rarely seen in escape rooms. We focus on creating experiences we love rather than relying on bought-in games and stale clichés.

With Modern Fables you are immersed right from the beginning. You’ll meet odd characters who set the scene, immersing you in a story that feels like an adventure – not just a set of puzzles.

Escape to another world with Modern Fables.