80s sci-fi adventure



An 80’s-tinged sci-fi where you get to be another version of yourself from a parallel universe.  The only problem is, you’ve lost your memory!

A Guardian known as Lavinia questions the ethics of this and threatens sabotage. What side are you on?

Your dreams have been getting stranger and more vivid lately.  In your dreams, you play yourself but there’s something different about you in some way.  Something you can’t quite put your finger on.  More recent dreams have also featured a strange symbol that keeps appearing in the strangest of places.  One night it might appear as a tattoo, another night it might be the pattern on some wallpaper. One afternoon, a card with the very same symbol was slipped into your pocket.   You didn’t see who left it but you have a strong feeling enticing you to investigate… 

The address on the card is Second Floor, Regents Studios, 8 Andrews Road, London, E8 4QN.  What do you do?

Find out how to personalise your game for that special someone!

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PLEASE NOTE: We use a few 4-second bursts of strobe lighting during the game.


*Please note 2-player games are not available on Saturdays*

Personalise your experience for £24

Surprise someone with an even more immersive experience!

We’re known for making our games immersive, making you feel like you’re part of a story.  But we can also take this to another level and include a member of your group in a very special way!

As they go through the game they will uncover items and surprises containing information only their nearest and dearest would know about!

For an extra £24 – paid during checkout – we can make a member of your group part of the story using small custom-made items and surprises related to them.  They even get to take home their personalised findings as a memento of the experience.

You’ll receive a link in your confirmation email to answer some questions about the person you want to surprise.  We’ll then get creative and stash some goodies in your game.  Then all you need to do is take the glory for arranging it.  Win – win!

Second Floor, Regent Studios, 8 Andrews Road, Hackney, London, E8 4QN

TUBE: London Fields, Bethnal Green, Haggerston.

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