Our second Escape Room

Hackney, London, UK

After the success of The Escapist, we decided to move from South Bermondsey to Hackney in east London where we would have a total of three escape games.  Here, a next game was Hypersomnia.

In terms of automation, sound design and electronic complexity Hypersomnia was quite a step-up from our first game, The Escapist.

Hypersomnia took influence from various sci-fi films and TV shows.  As always, we wanted to create something new and interesting so we decided to add a moral dilemma to the ending of the game, which built up from the very beginning. This led the game to having two endings depending on the choice made by the team.  In fact, we even had some team-members sabotage their team-mates to get their own way!

The Blurb:


An 80’s-tinged sci-fi where you get to be another version of yourself from a parallel universe.  The only problem is, you’ve lost your memory!

A Guardian known as Lavinia questions the ethics of this and threatens sabotage. What side are you on?

Your dreams have been getting stranger and more vivid lately.  In your dreams, you play yourself but there’s something different about you in some way.  Something you can’t quite put your finger on.  More recent dreams have also featured a strange symbol that keeps appearing in the strangest of places.  One night it might appear as a tattoo, another night it might be the pattern on some wallpaper. One afternoon, a card with the very same symbol was slipped into your pocket.   You didn’t see who left it but you have a strong feeling enticing you to investigate…