Families and Kids Parties

Our most popular games are now available for kids, families and kids parties!

We’ve partnered with our long time friends from Tea Dance for Little People to develop tailored versions of The Oracles and Hypersomnia especially for family experiences and kids parties. 

Together as a team you solve a mystery through games and puzzles as you enter a weird and wonderful supernatural world.
Our Guide will tell you a story and advise you along the way – you play detective, historian and your future self whilst you solve clues from the past, present and future to unlock the answers and escape to reality.

And to make it just a bit easier for you, we’ve got some serious discounts! Have a look!

Marnie (8 years old)

“Amazing. I loved it. I liked working together and it was good for every age and there was always something to do. I liked that the story was vague and then you figured it out and it all came together. It was funny when we were all pulling on the key. The noises were a bit loud and distracted you
too much when the door opened.”

Marnie’s Mum

“I really loved it. It was great doing it with the kids. It was a good leveller. It felt as if everyone had an equal contribution to make with only the odd nudge from parents. Quite unusual for a kids thing.”

Family Time!

Can you work as a team to solve the mysteries in an hour? Rise to the challenge!

Family Sundays – £25 DISCOUNT
Family of 4, one adult plays free – £75 (usually £100) – Use voucher code FAMILYTICKET

School Holidays- £50 DISCOUNT
Weekdays until 6pm – Groups of 6 for £100 (usually £150) – Use voucher code SCHOOLHOLIDAYS

Suitable for children aged 9+

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Party Time!

An hour of interactive fun and puzzles and fun memories for a lifetime! What a birthday treat!

Intro offer: £50 DISCOUNT for the first 10 bookings!
Get in there quick!
Up to 8 people including 1 adult for just £100! (usually £150)

Suitable for children aged 9+

This includes:
– A party host greets you in character and guides you through the game
– Celebratory party bag for every child
– Still water bottle for every child
– Party invitation to download and send to friends
– A puzzle game to take home.

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