The original Modern fables take on online escape rooms

Please note we have started charging for Medogan to help us get through the Coronavirus pandemic.  Each episode is now £4.99.  We hope you understand why we had to do this and we also hope this small contribution doesn’t put you off!  Thank you so much for supporting our small independent business!


MEDOGAN is a piece of interactive fiction with puzzles, mystery, beautiful images and immersive audio –  All that you expect from Modern Fables!

Play on your own or team up via your own video call.

Can you uncover the secrets MEDOGAN has to offer?  Can you escape the confines of reality?

Playtime is anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour.  Stick on some headphones to fully immerse yourself in the game.

You will also need audio to solve some puzzles.

This is a digital experience but a pen and paper helps solve many a mystery!


MEDOGAN Screenshots


It turns out that a teacher working in Medogan has created a very helpful blog…

Pitt Baker, a slightly rebellious character, might be able to help with specifics if Sammy is a bit vague: