Medogan - An Online Game

Play Episode 1 for free below or purchase Episodes 2 and 3
FREE Episodes 2 or 3 for every escape room player!

Episode 2 or 3 of MEDOGAN, our popular online game, is now free for every player!  Book any escape room and you’ll each receive a unique download link after your escape.  Anyone can play Episode 1 for free below.

MEDOGAN currently has 3 Episodes, with a fourth and final instalment on the way.  The game is set in the same story world as all our escape games.

Although designed as a 1-player game, people were having great fun playing MEDOGAN as team during lockdown via Zoom or Skype.

MEDOGAN - Chapter 1

Check out below for common problems and access to clues!


It turns out that a teacher working in Medogan has created a very helpful blog…

Pitt Baker, a slightly rebellious character, might be able to help with specifics if Sammy is a bit vague: 

It seems we have a bug that means audio doesnt play with Safari, and you want audio right?!  To fix this go to: Safari > Settings for This Website > Auto-Play.   That should get you sorted!

If the game is taking ages to load, you can also download a copy via