Escape Room Commission

London, UK

In 2023, we created a Custom Escape Room for YouTube star and influencer MrWhoseTheBoss aka Arun Maini.  At the time of the event Arun’s channel had 13.5 million viewers and 2 billion views.

Arun approached Modern Fables wanting to make a Personalised Escape Room which he could use to propose to his partner, Dhrisha.  This single-use escape room was to be very personal to both Arun and Dhrisha, and a complete surprise so Dhrisha wouldn’t know what the escape room was for until the very end.  The event was also to be filmed for his YouTube channel.

If you’re wondering, she said “yes”!  There wasn’t a dry eye in the house!

"Modern Fables very literally made my dreams come true. They helped me build the most intricate Custom Escape room from scratch, to propose to my girlfriend in. This included everything from helping to sourcing the venue, bringing in carpenters and set designers, and Jay himself is a master at designing Puzzles that feel personal, and are just the right level of difficulty!"