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Royal Trinity Hospice gets creative with Modern Fables

31 Oct 2018

Despite being the UK's oldest hospice, Royal Trinity Hospice has embraced a very modern solution to creative thinking and team-building thanks to one of London’s top escape room venues.

Staff from Trinity's retail department took part in a day playing and creating games with escape room experts Modern Fables. The plan: amongst all this fun, some serious lessons would be learned that would ultimately empower the team to raise even more money through the hospice’s shops.


Modern Fables corporate workshop at Royal Trinity Hospice


During the workshop, which was attended by Trinity’s retail management team, participants went through the process of creating simple games which required systematic working; creative problem-solving; and working together as a team.

David Brinson, Head of Retail at Royal Trinity Hospice, said: "When the team at Modern Fables approached us with a workshop aimed at developing our creative problem-solving skills, it sounded like a great opportunity for our team’s development."

With 29 Trinity shops to operate and every pound we raise from selling goods helping to fund Trinity’s free care, it’s vital that our team works well as a unit and has the tools to come up with creative and innovative solutions to some of the challenges unique to a charity retailer.

We had no idea what Modern Fables had in store for us. All 15 of us were new to escape rooms and games, but the Modern Fables team’s passion is contagious.

Being put into teams with colleagues from different departments made us see aspects of the charity, our jobs and personalities that we hadn’t observed before. The session was an excellent way to enhance communication and creativity within our team - and all while genuinely having fun. Definitely recommended!"

Jay Harris from Modern Fables said: "It’s great to be able to spread the use of games as a tool for innovation in the workplace.  And it’s even more exciting to be supporting Royal Trinity Hospice in such important work."

Contact mourad@modern-fables.com for more information on creative workshops tailored to corporate needs.  Find out how to donate to Royal Trinity Hospice here.


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