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£15 per team

Nexusurf Online Escape Room

A time-travelling, puzzling adventure into an alternate* reality where a giant tech company knows what we need even before we do ourselves.


Play Nexusurf for just £5!

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Play Nexusurf for just £5!

About Nexusurf

In 1991 Veronica Howard opened up a small yogurt shop.

Over time it ballooned into an all encompassing tech giant.  With little competition and nearly unlimited resources soon it had the whole world in its iron grip.

Meanwhile, a lonely coder was working on a way to make websites travel in time.  Not just to see the internet of the past but interact with it:  Nexusurf.

One will be used to destroy the other.

Praise for Nexusurf:

‘This technology will allow everyone, everywhere, every time to see the internet at its best’ – Tim Berners-Lee

‘Control of information is a key strategy of corporate power.  Nexusurf breaks that control’ – Naomi Klein

‘WHAT?!’ – Charles Babbage

Forget Wayback Machine… what if a website could really travel back in time…?  You may have used Wayback Machine to look at snapshots of websites taken in the 90s.  But what if somebody actually figured out how to connect the internet to a transdimensional portal that allows time-travel?

Get ready for an hour of mystery and intrigue! Make a secret contact and communicate with them via email and text to change the course of history. Stop an evil tech giant while they were just a twinkle in their CEO’s eye.

What is Nexusurf?

Nexusurf is an online game for any number of players (although we recommend 1 – 6 players).  Play time is around 60 – 90 minutes for most groups.  There is no time limit so feel free to take as long as you want – we wont judge you!  Play via Zoom or your favourite screen-sharing video chat wherever and whenever you want.  If you’re using video chat software, we recommend one person leads the group, uses their email address during play and shares their screen (you’ll need to send emails to characters within the game).  The group leader can then send through any links the rest of the team may want to investigate!

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