Corporate Team Building

What do we offer?

Anyone that has been to Modern Fables will know that our escape rooms take over all of your senses. They are tense, immersive, exhilarating and fantastically satisfying all at the same time.

But it isn’t just a bit of fun. Our escape rooms can help you to learn so much about yourself and the people you work with. Want to see how you react under pressure? Want to see who the natural leaders in the room are? What about yours and your colleagues team roles? You can see them all in escape rooms. Get a deeper understanding of these things in a high-pressured situation and you can use that to improve all manner of things at work. We have partnered with Lightbulb Moments Coaching and Events to offer a wide range of corporate packages, from short facilitated workshops to day long programmes and personality profiling. You will work with accredited leadership coaches and facilitators to really understand yourself and the people you work with. Get in touch to discuss our bespoke packages.

Modern Fables offer escape room experiences for up to 20 people at a time as well as an innovative workshop using game creation to build teams and excercise creative thought.  

Our Location:

Based just off Broadway Market, next to Regents Canal, we are placed in a prime position to offer busineses in Hackney, the City and beyond an engaging  and unforgetable day of team building.  Broadway Market boasts a fine selection of eateries and watering holes to excite your staff and get them eager to take part.  Known throughout London as being one of the places to be Broadway Market offers convenience and something your staff can boast about to their friends.


We are able to offer half days or full days of activities that can include up to three escape games (from September 2019) and/or our Games Creation Workshop – a serious team-building activity that offers a lot of fun for paricipants.  We can also collaborate with local businesses to bring you catering options if necessary.

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