The Oracles Escape room



If any of your group or their household has started to show symptoms of COVID19 please wait until they have been given the all-clear before booking.

If you have already booked and any of your group or their household have started to show symptoms of COVID19 please get in touch for refund and rescheduling options.

Modern Fables Escape Rooms, London - The Oracles

Professor Morell has selected you to come and partake in introductory training which we hope may move towards future employment.  

Prof. Morell is currently embedded in the ethnographic study of dreams, the astral plane and human disappearance.  You have agreed, alongside your assistant role in the Archive, to take part as test subjects and we thank you.  As I am sure you can understand this is top secret and sensitive information and therefore is located in a secret lock-up in a warehouse shared by others to try and stay under the radar. 

At least one adult needs to accompany under 16s.

A maximum of 7 (including the adult) can be in each game.
You have one hour to complete the game from arrival. 

A games master will greet you at the the end to celebrate.  

An artist will greet the group as you enter and introduce the space in character. 

The group will be monitored and guide the group through with clues and support as needed.  If anyone needs to leave we will support them – you are not actually locked in!

Escape rooms adapted for families: