Retired: The Oracles

Mysteries of the Ancients

Do ancient artefacts hold the key to humankind’s future?

Our newest escape room!  In fact, The Oracles is our Director’s favourite: “We wanted to bring the best elements of The Escapist and Hypersomnia to The Oracles:  rich back-story, investigative feel and a great mix of different puzzles!”

Dr Morel’s last test subject, Lavinia Carter stopped taking part in his dream experiments after getting obsessed with something called the Astral Plane.  He’s hoping his latest subjects (you!) wont disappear too…

Go to his lock-up in Hackney, in a building shared by others trying to keep under the radar.  Meet him there.  He’ll leave his name on the door.  Knock and enter.

You  become The Oracles as you investigate mysteries that have intrigued humankind for centuries.  Did the ancients know more than we realise?  Will you ever be the same again knowing what you know?