The Oracles

Dreams about ancient aliens from Earth’s past have been troubling you.  Dare you let a rogue academic help make sense of them?

Dr Morel’s last test subject, Lavinia Carter stopped taking part in his dream experiments after getting obsessed with something called the Astral Plane.  He’s hoping his latest subjects (you!) wont disappear too…

Go to his lock-up in Hackney, in a building shared by others trying to keep under the radar.  Meet him there.  He’ll leave his name on the door.  Knock and enter.

You  become The Oracles as you investigate mysteries that have intrigued humankind for centuries.  Who built Stone Henge? Just how did those giant heads appear on Easter Island?  What is the link between these civilisations and your dreams?  Has a greater power been influencing humankinds evolution? Will you ever be the same again knowing what you know?

Personalise your experience for £24

Surprise someone with an even more immersive experience!

We’re known for making our games immersive, making you feel like you’re part of a story.  But we can also take this to another level and include a member of your group in a very special way!

As they go through the game they will uncover items and surprises containing information only their nearest and dearest would know about!

For an extra £24 – paid during checkout – we can make a member of your group part of the story using small custom-made items and surprises related to them.  They even get to take home their personalised findings as a memento of the experience.

You’ll receive a link in your confirmation email to answer some questions about the person you want to surprise.  We’ll then get creative and stash some goodies in your game.  Then all you need to do is take the glory for arranging it.  Win – win!

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