The award-winning Modern Fables team now offers a series of workshops! We can work with groups of 10-15 people, teaching you how to craft your very own game. If you’d like us to create a workshop for you, get in touch.

Corporate WorkshopsCorporate Menu

1. Creatives: Create your own role-play adventures! In this workshop you’ll discover how games tell stories and how to cultivate your inner geek (you know it’s in there somewhere!).

2. Team-building: Create your very own game in pairs to share with the group. Less messy than a day’s paintballing with HR!

3. Cross-departmental: Create games based on your own departmental work practices. Share your creations with other departments to gain a better understanding of the problems faced. Sharing is caring, right? (And fun.)


Friends & Family WorkshopsFriends and Family Menu: For remarkable birthdays, stag and hen parties. Or just because.

1. The Board-Gamer: Learn how story-led games are made and create your very own board games. (Bored is the last thing you’ll be.)

2.  The Role-Player: Learn how story-led games are made and create your very own role-play with our expert help.

3. The Escaper: We’ll show you how story-led games are made and help you devise your very own escape room concept.