Corporate Workshops by Modern Fables


The award-winning Modern Fables team now offer a series of workshops in London Bridge

to help you get the best out of your team.


Corporate Workshops by Modern FablesCorporate Workshops by Modern Fables










What is it?

The Modern Fables workshop is a fun and innovative team activity to learn and develop various skills using our game creation methods.


We work with groups of 10-15 people to help your team improve:

  • Teamwork
  • Creative and Lateral Thinking
  • Short project management
  • Creative problem solving
  • Getting the best out of work processes
  • Cross-departmental empathy


Feedback from previous participants

“Fun day with the team thinking about challenges and how to overcome them. Trainers were helpful in explaining how games are made and how to gamify day to day tasks.”

“A really lovely experience with activities made and adapted to our groups’ interests.”

“This was a great workshop which really got us thinking in different ways. We were given challenges which at first seemed really difficult but which we ultimately came out of with creative and workable ideas.”

“The workshop was very interactive and thought- provoking. I really enjoyed it and highly recommend it”


How is the day structured?

It is a 5 hour workshop with a 45 minutes break in the middle. The workshop is divided in two parts.

The first part is an introduction to what modern board games are and how they can enhance many skills for your everyday work.
During the second part you will build a simple game in teams. It is an interesting challenge that focuses on team building
What type of business is this Workshop made for?

It is open to any business as we work hard to adapt the workshop to your business’ needs. It is structured as a flexible event with various activities to suit your requirements.


Why board games?

We believe we have a lot to learn from modern board games. They can simplify a chaotic or complex real-life concept within a closed working system with simple rules. And on top of that, it is fun.

Playing board games is fun and challenging. But understanding their design and the way they are built gives an insight into system design.

We work with board games because they are wonderful tools to develop practical and analytic tools for your everyday work.


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